Sunday, September 6, 2009

I finally get to preach back home about the Churchwide Assembly

It's really, really hard for a preacher not to get to preach, especially when I feel like the Holy Spirit has a lot to say through me (and with such amazing texts!). When I got back from Churchwide Assembly, I was raring to go--ready to preach like crazy to the folks at Bethlehem. But the "the doctors tell me its not swine" flu had other plans for me, and I spent the week in bed and early Sunday morning last week in the ER. I got better. Thankfully my favorite lay preacher Jon Zemke stepped in at the last minute with a fantastic sermon (and it only cost me lunch and a beer).

So today was my first sermon back in the pulpit at Bethlehem Lutheran in Spokane (Preaching on the book of James no less. Luther would be so ashamed). But actually, it's a great text to help us ponder what really happened at the Churchwide Assembly.

To hear it, follow the link to my sermon blog: "Reframing James: Faith without works is alright for you, but it's no good for your neighbor" by Rev. Erik Samuelson

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