Vocational Resources

These resources are open source, meant to encourage vocational and spiritual formation in your community.  Some are copyrighted, some are not.  Please use them and credit the authors accordingly--and all are for commercial use.  If you find them helpful (or have suggestions for improvement) please drop me an email: eriksamuelson [at] gmail.com.

VocationCARE Core Practices from Trinity Lutheran College (and FTE)
This is an emerging document. Sometimes I call these the "proto-practices" for discernment in Christian community, and can be a lead in to more structured practices (such as Quaker Clearness).

Some videos from the Forum for Theological Exploration

Vocation 101: What do you mean by vocation?

Vocation 201: What do you mean by vocation?

Clearness Resources from Callid and Kristina Keefe-Perry
These are mostly notes, contact the Keefe-Perry's who travel in ministry to share these practices and have them help your community engage them.

A video with the Keefe-Perrys from Jewels of Quakerism about discernment:

FTE's Full Vocation CARE Resource for Congregations

Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation by Parker Palmer

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