Sunday, January 17, 2010


This poem was posted as a comment on the blog "Pretty Good Lutherans" today by someone named Timothy. It was too cool not to share (and I wish I had it for worship today!). It's related to the Gospel lesson for Epiphany 2c: John 2:1-11 about Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding at Cana.

Yes, God’s grace is enough!
It looks weak
Dangling by a thread
Held up by rusty nails of a cross

This morning we heard what happened on the Third Day
In an impoverished hick town called
Cana in Galilee

All the residents beaten down
Party over way too soon
Ran out of wine
Joy down the drain
When one momma told her Boy
You gotta do somethin’

And what the Cana of Galilee-ites saw
Revealed the mind and heart of God
Grace, grace, and more grace
180 gallons of swiftly, flowing, moving grace
This was the first clue
Evidence of the identity of Jesus

The ultimate clue was still to come
Third Day resurrection
Following messy, nasty, earthquake death
Yes, grace is enough
And grace will win!

And the ELCA
She is at her best
When the grace she has received overwhelms her
And spills over and drenches others regardless of who they are

Graced people, grace people
And it must be believed in order to be seen

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